Thursday, February 1, 2007

I took the day off today. PoPo Pop and I dropped Snofie off at school and then went to Kenton, OH together. We couldn't remember when we had spent the day together just the two of us. PoPo Pop had bought a desk off of and we went to go pick it up. The drive was nice, it was snowing just enough to make everything look lovely but not enough to make the driving bad. On the way back we went through Delaware and had lunch at The Brown Jug. I got the best French Onion soup. I thought about getting the wings like we did every week when I was in college at Ohio Wesleyan but I was afraid that if they weren't the way they used to be the memory would be ruined for me. Then we went to the candy shop and an antique store. I got a candy heart for Snofie and John got a few antique license plates for his collection. While we were at the antique shop Jeff called. I was quite annoyed by this because he went on and on about: "oooohhhh, you took a day oooooffffff, that must be nnniiiiccceee." Oh come on, he has about a million vacation hours saved up and can take a day off as easily as the next guy so don't even start with that martyr business. Then he went on about how he had sent me an email and wanted to make sure I got it and took care of his needs. I politely told him that his needs would be taken care of tomorrow when I was back in the office in plenty of time for his next trip. I get so annoyed because I never know when to take his bitching seriously. I have come to the realization that he is one of those people who only know how to complain. It is just trying on the nerves of those of us who have to listen to them. Okay, fine, I will listen to him when I am getting paid for it but not on my day off.

We got back in enough time to pick up Snofie and a pizza. While we had our pizza Snofie and I played Life. I love that game. Snofie loves it too when she is able to be the police officer who makes $100,000 and has the Tudor house. With out these things she gets a little angry. Okay, she cries and throws a fit but it's still a good game.

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