Wednesday, February 7, 2007

It's not good to talk to your mom on the phone after taking a sleeping pill:
Mom: What are you watching?
Me: Ummmmmm..... something....
Mom: You don't know?
Me: No, I know.......... it's..........uuuummm.... Oh, Criminal Minds, yeah, Criminal Minds.
Mom: It's cold here and the lake is finally frozen...
Me: Snofie didn't have school again because..... um...... um......
Mom: The cold?
Me: No.... it was........ um....... snow.
The conversation pretty much ended there.

Snofie told me she wanted a day planner just like mine. So, today we went to Wal Mart to get her one. This evening we sat on the couch and I helped her set it up. Then she made name labels to put on the front since they are exactly the same so we can tell them apart. I love spending time with her. While we worked on our planners we watched the end of Montana Sky since Snofie hadn't seen the end. In the end the "bad guy" is the bastard son of this guy who died and he seeks his revenge and want to take the ranch. Snofie asks if the dead guy was his father. Yes. Then she asks why the 3 sisters didn't know he was their brother. "Well, because his mother was a hooker." And of course she asks, what's a hooker. "An icky woman who has sex for money." "So why didn't his father want him?" "Because his mother was an icky hoe." "Oh." Snofie is getting quite the education from Lifetime. Now, i understand that some mothers out there may not agree with my allowing her to watch shows with such adult content... but... I have a reason for this. Growing up I was not allowed to watch TV except for The Wonderful World of Disney and things on PBS or nature programs. My mom believed that TV rots the mind. We also did not discuss any adult topics ever. So, when I went away to college and then the real world I was in for a shock at all the violence, sex and heavy stuff out there. It is a miracle that nothing bad ever happened to me in college because I was so naive and trusting of everyone because I didn't know what was really out there. Like the cute frat boy who wanted to show me his record collection in his room. When we got there I actually said, "where are your records?" So, I do not want Snofie to be shocked at disturbing stuff or naive to the evils that lurk behind every corner out there in the world away from mommy. I hope that in viewing these shows together and then discussing them she will learn what not to to when she is in a difficult situation like being persuaded to have sex, do drugs, steal from the mall, drink, be mean to a girl at school, cuss at her parents, and the list could go on and on... And, I want her to know always, that she can come to me and talk about anything. Oh the road that lies ahead... I am looking forward to it but am totally terrified.

Now, back to the moms mixing drink and playing with the kids. Every time I visit Melissa at I am shocked at the big deal everyone is making out of a drink or two and I have a few more thoughts:
1. They serve alcohol at Chuck E. Cheese, the place where a kid can be a kid.
2. How many Super Bowl parties went on this past weekend? How many had the kids there too? And how many said, "Oh, the kids will be her, we can't have any alcohol"?
I am surprised that I feel so strongly about this one since PoPo Pop and I don't drink. It's not that we are opposed to it or despise it, we just don't do it. I think the last time we had a few drinks was this fall at one of our fires out in the fire pit with a bunch of friends. But oh wait, that was okay because there were men there.

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