Monday, February 12, 2007

Wow, I chipped a plate this evening while doing the dishes. It was one of the set we got for our wedding. Pretty good, first plate chipped after almost 12 years of marriage.

There is an orange cone out by the road at the entrance of the school and I am here to say: I didn't do it! I am quite pleased to see that someone else has run over and dragged a cone. The parking saga continues. Today in the papers sent home was a 2 page with diagram letter detailing the parking procedures. The opening paragraph states that nothing has changed in the procedures and that it is a reminder of the existing procedures. In other words: we had to put up cones and barricades because you all are idiots. If signs, then cones & barricades and finally a guy out in the parking lot don't work, I doubt a note will. But it was quite amusing especially after today when I watched a guy in a pickup back into the barricaded area as though it were a special little parking space. It was hysterical, he was all catty wampus and hanging out.

Oh my god, I am sitting here watching Headline News and Nancy Grace. I like her. Anyway, they are talking about Anna Nicole Smith. 1. They are questioning Howard K. Stern and his possible involvement in her death. 2. There are men coming out of the woodwork claiming to be the father of her baby, the funniest of them being some prince who is married to Zsa Zsa Gabor. And 3. the video tape of her baby's birth has been stolen. I find it amusing to listen to Nancy say "Bahamanians", it makes me giggle. I can't watch the medical examiner dude they have on because he is bald and has this giant dent in his head. I can't look because of the crater, not the bald part. I actually like bald guys, PoPo Pop is bald. (Shaved head kind of bald.) Now they have a peek inside her fridge which had a lot of methadone in it, hhmmm. Nancy also mentioned it had a lot of Slim Fast as well.

I considered listing Snofie on Ebay, leaving her at Wal Mart or buying and drinking a 4 pack of green tea wine coolers this afternoon. First of all, yes, green tea wine coolers, I am totally intrigued. After school Snofie and I went grocery shopping. Down the coffee aisle is when the incident happened. I am shocked that Snofie would choose to misbehave in such a sacred aisle, oh the horror. Anyway, a little boy who was with his mother and grandmother says, "Hi Snofie, do you remember me?" Well, Snofie takes one look at him, turns around and walks away! The look on the little boy's face was so sad. So, there I am talking to this kid. turns out he was in Snofie's first grade class and moved this year. In the next aisle I told her how disappointed I was in her. Then we get in line. Snofie keeps messing with the cart which is pissing me off and then there is this guy behind us who, every time I step to the side of the cart, he pushes his right up against mine. Ugh! Everyone take 2 giant steps back and leave me alone! Then the little boy appears at the back of the line. There he is waving with a big grin on his face at Snofie and the little troll does it again. She turns her back on him! I laid into her about how rude she was being... how would she feel is someone did that to her... and I'm not asking you to have a conversation with him, just say hi. Then Snofie caught me making the "hands around her neck, shaking" gesture. She did not find it amusing. The guy with the cart behind us did but I was not amused by him and his cart.

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