Wednesday, February 21, 2007

This morning there was a sheet of ice covering absolutely everything. We have been parking in the driveway this week because our garage door opener is broken so I had to venture across the ice to get to my car. It was hysterical! I slid into the car where I set my coffee on the hood. Then I shimmied around and slid down to the door handle. Once I got the door open I pulled myself up toward the hood, grabbed my coffee and slid into the car.

This evening I took a bath. While I was in the tub Snofie was in her room singing "Feeling Groovy". It totally made me smile.
Me: Hey, Snofie, do you want to get in the tub with me?
Snofie: Yes... you know, your butt sucks up all the water. There's always a lot when you're in the tub but when you get out your butt sucks up all the water.

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