Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Wow, the last day of January. Remember when you were little and it seemed like a week took forever and ever to get through and it seemed like the weekend would never arrive. I swear, time really does go by more quickly as each year passes, amazing.

It was super cold here today, 14 degrees! I'm just glad I am feeling better and am totally thankful for Airborne. After you get the water to fizzy tablet ratio just right so you can drink it down in one gulp, it's not all that bad.

I watched the Today Show segment on mom's who have a drink while their children play. ( I thought Melissa looked and sounded great on the segment. I thought she stated her opinion clearly and was very well spoken. I especially liked the part where she sometimes wondered how much she could get on e-bay for her children. Big kudos to her for saying that on national telivision, I mean really, who hasn't thought that. And, in my opinion, it is okay to have these thoughts once in a while. I also feel it is okay to have a drink once in a while. At least these mothers are spending time with their children instead of hiring a baby sitter and then going out for a drink with their friends. If you asked the children whether they would rather have a playdate with a babysitter or a playdate with their mommy and a bunch of friends, well, duh. I doubt wheather the kids know if the glass is full of Crystal Light or a martini. Remember the holidays when we were kids, dad and the older cousins had a beer in front of the football game, mom and your favorite aunt enjoyed a glass of wine and after dinner the adults had a little creme d'mint on their ice cream and look, we all came out okay. Then there is the whole double standard thing about targeting moms and not the dads when they have a few drinks. If you are going to bring up the other sex then why not mention the neighborhood BBQ where both parents are present and have a drink or two. Is it okay for the mom to have a cocktail then because her spouse is present?

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