Thursday, January 4, 2007

The Best Kid in the Whole World

My daughter is the best kid in the whole world. I love spending time with her. Today, after school, we had a family diner - spaghetti with this totally awesome garlic bread - and then we watched another Lifetime movie called, "Troubled Waters". It was about this 5 year old girl who was kidnapped. Ii is totally amazing how Snofie pays such close attention to the details. She notices way more than I do. There was one part about the investigation of the shoe prints and who they belonged to. They were size 9 and a particular brand. About a half hour later they interview a guy about the shoes asking him if he has that brand. And there is Snofie, "ask him what size he wears, it's so obvious." I would have never thought of that. She picked up on a few other details that I found totally amazing.

PoPo Pop bought a mold for plaster of Paris or whatever you want to mold, off of E-Bay. It is a really big, about the size of a serving platter, and in the shape of a police badge. He worked on it this evening. While the plaster of Paris was setting we noticed that it was warm. I had no idea that plaster of Paris gives off heat. Anyway, the badge came out great and I resisted the urge to poke my finger in it while the plaster of Paris was still wet. Now PoPo Pop is going to paint it to look like his badge. One of the guys on his department just retired and he's thinking about giving it to him if it comes out ok.

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