Wednesday, January 17, 2007

It was 15 degrees this morning but still no snow.

I've decided to change my hair style. I have two reasons for this. One, I want my bangs back and two, I can now that I am forced to change hairdressers. You see, Nick has been cutting my hair for a while now. He is the one who convinced me to get rid of my bangs in the first place, he said they were a throw back to the 1980's. So, Nick has this certain way of cutting my hair. Don't get me wrong, I really like the way he cuts it but he will not be able to cut it for the next two years. Nick's in jail again. He has this breaking and entering problem. Every time he cut my hair I was totally fascinated by the fact that I know an ex-con. He'd been incarcerated several times before. Anyway, now that he is unavailable I will be having Dobri cut my hair again. Dobri has a particular way that he cuts my hair, the style with the bangs, and you can't tell him to do anything different. If you try to tell him how to cut it he says, in a very thick Macedonian accent, "I don't tell you how to do your job, you don't tell me how to do my job. You don't know how to do my job. You are wrong. I am right". And that is that. Dobrie is amazing so, I guess if I want him to cut my hair it will have to be his way.

This morning I talked to Mom. She said she talked to Aunt Mary Ann. She hadn't spoken to her since her Birthday which Aunt Mary Ann asked her about. Mom said she told her all about the great SOCKS with African Grey parrots on them that Rebecca had given her. Oh my god! I freakin made her a memory book filled with 35 freakin years worth of mother daughter memories! What the heck, SOCKS! Next year I swear, all she's getting is socks!

When Snofie came out of school today she was bawling. She said a boy named Christopher had taken her fuzzy zebra pencil and said he wasn't going to give it back. I told her she had two choices, we could either go try to find another one at the store or she could go talk to her teacher about it. She wanted to talk to her teacher but she wanted me to do it because the kids who ride the bus were still inside and she didn't want them to see her crying. Ok, I can understand that so I told her I would go talk to her teacher. I went in and told her teacher that Snofie was really upset and asked her what she thought Snofie should do. She said, "that's the second thing he took from someone with out permission. He's still here and I'm going to go see about this". And she marched off down the hall and got the little boy. I like her, she doesn't tolerate any monkey business. I left and told Snofie what had happened. Then as we were driving home my cell phone rang. Snofie answered it, it was her teacher calling to say that the fuzzy zebra pencil was safely back in her desk. Her teacher rocks!

Today was topped off with Skyline Chili with the McAleas and basketball practice. Ciera was back this week so everything was back to normal at Skyline. I got a lot of my book read at basketball practice. I'm reading this really good book about a disaster on Mt. Everest. I am totally fascinated by those who climb mountains in such extremely cold conditions and at high altitudes. Anyway, as I was reading I would look up every now and then to see Snofie. At one point I watched the mean girl throw the ball off to the side where a man in a wheel chair was sitting. Oh my god, she threw the ball so hard it almost knocked him out of his wheel chair! She's mean. The mean girl brought her home work to practice. It was the same sheet Snofie had and I told Snofie not to help her, that she needed to do the work herself. So, mean girl takes her markers, it was a page you had to color, and she scribbled all over the page without reading the directions. There she was scribbling madly and I didn't say a word, she's not my kid, what do I care if she gets a bad grade or not. Wow, I am on a mean streak today, wonder what spurred that?

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Jennifer said...

I feel for ya...I have ONE hairstylist...if anything ever happens to him, I'm just going to let my hair grow down to my toes before I'll let anyone else touch!
And I also thought it was funny about the doesn't take much to make some people happy, does it? :)