Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The neighbor's Christmas tree is out by the road. I wonder how long it will stay there? The 2005 tree was there until August of 2006. I started out by the road, moved to the back yard and ended up by the garage. There it sat, in two pieces with all it's needles long gone until August.

Today it was 28 degrees. It finally feels like winter. We have no snow yet, just lots of flooding.

I had a horrible headache this evening and took a nice hot bubble bath. I had just settled down in the heap of vanilla scented bubbles when in came Snofie. "I can't find Tabby" she said. After going through an exhausting list of where to look Snofie was still there and seriously cramping my relaxing time. "I have a headache" I told her. "I want you to help me find her." Really what she meant was she wanted me to look for Tabby. I told her I would when I was done with my bath. I closed my eyes and sunk down into the bubbles. A few minutes later I opened my eyes and she was still sitting there staring at me, waiting. Oh my god, she's going to sit there until I get out! I just ignored her and about a half hour later I got out, went into her room, pulled back the covers on her bed and said, "there's Tabby". I so too an Advil PM after that. You know how you get so aggravated with your kids and then they go and do something sweet and you end up shrouded in guilt. Yup, that's what happened. Snofie cleaned up the living room when she was done playing and went to bed on time without having to be told. I love that kid!

Oh, and speaking of the greatest kid, she got every word right on her spelling pre-test. I was so proud of her.

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