Friday, January 5, 2007

Wow, it is really warm again today, about 57 degrees this morning when we left for school. The only drawback to all this warm weather in January is that I woke up with a migraine this morning. It was bad enough that I took a Maxalt. Luckily it went away by the time Snofie had basketball practice. PoPo Pop went to practice with us.
Afterward we went to O'Charley's for dinner. There was a really long wait. While we were waiting our favorite waiter, Rich, came out to the lobby and gave us a hug and said he'd sit us at one of his tables. He is the greatest. We wound up talking to another couple while we were waiting and some how the topic of ginger ale came up. I ended up ordering one. When was the last time you had a ginger ale? It was really good. I also ordered a huge chicken salad with strawberries, mandarin oranges, pecans, cranberries and feta cheese. I am so getting it again, it was amazing.

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