Friday, January 26, 2007

Oh my god, I am so embarrassed! At pick up this afternoon I was the first car in the line. I took off my shoes and was sitting with my legs crossed reading a book. I don't really care for the first spot in the line because it is hard for Samantha to see my car right away. After a few more cars pulled up behind me I realized that if I pulled around to the back of the line then I would have the perfect spot. As I pulled out I heard something thud. Oh shit, I ran over an orange cone. Then I head a dragging sound and realized that the cone was stuck under my car. I got out with my shoes half on and went to look under my bright orange big square Element that sticks out in a crowd and sure enough, there was the orange cone. And, there were 5 or 6 other mothers laughing. Oh, how embarrassing, but, I got the good spot. I called Kelly to tell her what an idiot I am and she said, "Oh, I have to go, Tim just got home and I want to go tell him."

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