Sunday, January 14, 2007

I guess crime does pay...

Several years ago there was a man who fired a few shots at some annoying neighborhood kids in the city where PoPo Pop is a police officer. His action resulted in the SWAT team being called out. They spent several hours asking nicely for the man to come out of his house to no avail and they were forced to make entry into his house. The entry was made like this: PoPo Pop held the body bunker shielding himself and the two officers on either side of him. These two officers had shot guns which they were forced to fire as they were fired upon by the man in the house. This resulted in PoPo Pop receiving permanent damage to his ears with a constant ringing, Tinnitus. The outcome of the whole thing was the man's death.

Last week a settlement was reached, out of court, with the man's sister to receive a sizable amount of money. So, yeah, crime does pay. What is wrong with her? Her brother shot at children, barricaded himself in his house and shot at the police. Why does his sister deserve to sue the police and have money awarded to her? Someone, please explain this to me. Actually, there is no explanation that would satisfy me because it is just wrong for her to benefit from her brother's crime.

I know what some are thinking: PoPo Pop knew what he was getting into when he became a police officer as well as when he joined the SWAT team. Yes, this is true, he knew and accepted the risks as well as accepting the injury that resulted from this particular SWAT raid. It stinks that he has a constant ringing in his ears as well as knowing that he had a hand in the loss of someones life but he accepts that this is part of the job. What makes me angry is that someone has profited from this man's crime. I don't doubt that she is grieving at the loss of her brother but come on, PoPo Pop was injured as a direct result of her brother's action and he got nothing. It's not that I feel that he should receive monetary compensation as a result of doing his job, I don't think he should. He is paid for the work he does and he receives medical care for any injuries sustained while doing his job. He agreed to this when he became a police office. I feel even more strongly that this sister should not receive monetary compensation for her brother's death that resulted from a crime he committed.

A friend's nephew was recently injured and is no longer able to work as a result of the apprehension of several illegal aliens attempting to enter the country. So, I end with the question: why do illegal aliens and criminal's sisters have more rights than the officers who protect them?

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