Sunday, January 7, 2007

Mom's 71st Birthday

Snofie had basketball practice today. There is this one girl on the team that is kind of mean. One day I watched her as she stood behind Snofie and bounced the basketball off her her head. Today the girls were doing some sort of formation or some such thing. Each girl had another girl to block. I must note that they all take practice seriously except for the Mean One. She kept running away form the girl who was supposed to be blocking her. I felt bad for the other kid. Snofie said she has an evil streak in school too. PoPo Pop made the same observation when he was at practice on Friday. I'm glad Snofie really isn't friends with her.

This evening Snofie and I watched a movie called "Still Small Voices", and yes, it was another Lifetime movie. We turned on the fireplace while we watched the movie too. It was really good, the company and the movie.

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