Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I was watching 60 Minutes on Sunday and a story about the Geek Squad. Here I had been feeling all good about my technical savvy, all pumped that I could download a video from YouTube to my blog when suddenly I realized, I can only do these things because of the geeks out there in our technical world. 60 Minutes was right, I can't program a universal remote, set up HDTV or install a little computer widget in the traffic light we have out front to make it blink. So, I feel I need to take a step back out of the spot light I have been basking in while feeling all up on technology. I return the lime light to the geeks who deserve it, the geeks who make it possible for me to change the fonts on my blog with the greatest of ease. The geeks who make it possible for me to have an account on YouTube and watch all my favorite programs again and again via our DVR thing-a-ma-jig. Geeks are Great!

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