Saturday, January 20, 2007

Snofie and I went out with Jennifer and her boyfriend, Max today. Neither one of us had met Max yet so we started the day off by going over to Jennifer's house for coffee. Coffee and Possum... We finally got a chance to meet Possum, her new kitten, as well. We all spent the afternoon at the thrift store and then ate at The Mad Greek where Jennifer introduced Snofie and me to falafal. More like fawful if you ask me, I didn't care for it and Snofie wouldn't even try it. After we dropped Jennifer and Max off Snofie and I decided to go for a drive in the country. What we do is set out in one direction and when we come to a stop sign we decide, at random, which way to turn. So, totally by accident we ended up at Chestnut Ridge, one of the Metro Parks we had never been to. We decided to go for a hike even though neither one of us was dressed for it. But we were up for an adventure so we headed up into the trees. It was a lovey albeit extremely cold hike. By the time we returned to the car neither one of us could feel out toes or fingers. Then we decided to head into grab another bite to eat with PoPo Pop. On our way Jennifer called. After telling her where we had just been she said that that is where Max filmed the video he told us to watch, Ask The Trees. Wow, that is quite a coincidence. We all said it was fate that had led us, while on our random drive, to that particular park. Before we met PoPo Pop we drove by the new Wally World that opened up this past Friday, the parking lot was completely packed. I don't think I have to say, we did not stop there, just drove on by... We met PoPo Pop at Dairy Queen for a snack and then headed home. We were so tired. Snofie and I got into the big bed and fell asleep watching a Lifetime movie.

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