Friday, January 19, 2007

We have SNOW! It's not on the ground quite yet but it is swirling around in the air making driving slightly hazardous. I noticed, on my way to work this morning, that gas is down to $1.89. That is lower than it has been in quite a while.

The word of the day is "notice". We had a very lively dispute at breakfast over the word notice. Notice is one of Snofie's vocabulary words this week. She has to give an oral definition of the word. Her definition went like this: "you never saw something". "No Snofie, it means you did see something," I replied. She insisted every which way that I was wrong and she was right. "IT'S WHEN YOU NEVER SAW SOMETHING! MY TEACHER SAID SO!" We even looked it up in the dictionary but, nooooo, her teacher is correct. I totally love that she respects what her teacher says but, she's wrong, Snofie, not her teacher. I tried to explain that her teacher probably used it in a sentence something like: I never noticed your blue eyes before. Then, realizing one, that I was not going to convince her eight year old brain that I was right and two, because it was getting old, I shut up about it. But, once we were in the car I had a brilliant idea, I used the word notice in as many sentences as I could. "Look Snofie, I just happened to notice there is snow on that car." "Oh, I love noticing all the orange Honda Elements like mine." "Did you notice..." on and on I went all the while Snofie got madder and madder. I just couldn't help myself. Sorry Snofie!

After school I picked Snofie and Tara up. Snofie came out first, in tears because she had forgotten something in her desk, had to run back for it, fell down and was afraid she was going to be late. Then Tara came out, also in tears. Something had held her teacher up and she was a little late releasing the kids. Tara was worried she was going to be late as well. They sobbed all the way home. PoPo Pop was home this evening so we ordered pizza. Then the girls and I gathered up a bunch of blankets, pillows and stuffed animals and headed out for Family Movie Night at the school. This was our first time attending the movie night and I didn't know quite what to expect. Well, we get there, the parking lot is packed and there are children running everywhere throughout the halls. Once we entered the gym where the movie was it just got better. Before us was a solid sea of blankets and pillows. We eventually found a spot right up in front and off to one side. It was not good at all because we were too close to see the screen and there were still tons of kids running around all red faced and sweaty. The girls were a little annoyed that we couldn't see and because it was so noisy. I asked them what they wanted to do. They wanted to stay but they wanted to sit in a better spot, um, gee guys, tell me how I can make that happen and I will. They came up blank but then Tara had a marvelous idea: "we can go to my house and watch the movie on my dad's projector and it will be just like here only no noise so we can hear and see the movie." She also mentioned something about marshmallow flavored pop corn, yum. The girls watched to movie and I hung out downstairs with Kelly and Tim. It was so much nicer than staying at the gym.

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