Saturday, January 6, 2007

PoPo Pop has decided to move his office downstairs to the basement and move Snofie's playroom upstairs. Snofie doesn't like playing downstairs by herself anymore. She thinks that there are creepy critters in the crawl space. PoPo Pop plans on building a closet down there, re-doing the walls and laying new carpet.

Currently the walls are paneling which I painted red with a wide, yellow, toile boarder. I love that boarder and had the wall paint color done to match it. It is beautiful for a playroom but not very manly for PoPo Pop's office. Today we moved ALL of Snofie's toys, well, all except some stuffed animals, upstairs to her bedroom. Ryan came over and helped PoPo Pop move the doll house to Snofie's room. It fit perfectly. She loves the doll house as much as I did when I was her age. My dad made it for me one Christmas. He made it to match our house and the chimney is even made of pebbles for our creek. I can't believe everything fit in Snofi'e room! We finished in enough time to have lasagna for dinner and then all watch "Cops" together.

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