Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Snofie came home from school yesterday and asked if she could stay up to watch the OSU football game. I told her no because the game didn't start until after 8pm and she needed to get a good night's sleep for her reading test tomorrow. She said: "But Ms. Bohl gave us the whole test today so we could stay up for the game." I gave in and let her stay up. She fell asleep by 9:15pm though.

Before the game Snofie cut up a bunch of paper into a million tiny little pieces. She said it was confetti to throw for the imaginary pre-game party she was having. Okay. I showed her how to use the Swiffer and told her she could throw it around as long as she cleaned it up. She did clean every bit of it up with a bonus of the floors getting cleaned in the process.

When the game started Snofie got to see her very first Script Ohio by the marching band. She thought it was totally cool. We tried to imitate the tuba player who dots the i and we marveled at how amazing he is. The National Anthem was also cool because they had an American flag that was the size of the entire field, it was also amazing.

This morning, Tuesday, when woke up and checked the final score of the game on the computer. Since we had just woken up our eyes were all still sleepy and it looked like the score was 14 to 14. But how could there be a tie? Eventually we realized that the actual score was 41 to 14 and the Buckeyes lost. Or, as Snofie put it, they got stomped.
Then after we woke up even more with the help of some coffee we realized that it had snowed! There was a pretty good dusting covering the ground and our deck.
We are having a computer upgrade at work. It's going to be good once we all get adjusted to the change. I hate change. Anyway, Brad, computer guy from the plant, came down and Mark, computer sales/upgrade guy, was there also. It is so funny to watch them together, there is a lot of "professional tension" between them. I think because Mark went to college and owns his own business and Brad did not go to college and is quite sensitive about the subject. Here are some snip-its from their conversations:
Mark: You need to un-install that program.
Brad: Why, give me a good reason and I will.
Mark: Because, [technical mumble].
Brad: Why do you act like such a spaz?
Oh my god, he actually said "spaz", I haven't heard that word since 1987!
Here's more:
Mark: Did you see my new car? (Mercedes SUV)
Brad: What did you get such a small one for? Oh, wait, you're small.
Brad: We have a $50,000 mini van with all the extras.
It was such a fun day listening to them talk like this over in the next cubicle.
Oh, there was so much entertainment at work today!

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