Wednesday, January 10, 2007

This is my new favorite sweater.

Last night around 7:00pm I took a sleeping pill, took a nice hot bubble bath and went to bed. It was absolutely wonderful. While I was in the tub Snofie came in and read a chapter book to me. She looked so cute sitting there with her legs all crossed and looking so grown up. It was a great moment to remember always. When I got out of the tub I went to bed and was asleep by 9:00pm, it was great. But then I was awakened at 1:00am by two cats fighting out in our back yard. Yeah, the back yard that is surrounded by a 6' privacy fence. They were in between the deck and the shed where we have Snofie's kiddy pool or as Snofie calls it, a kidney pool. They were making quite a racket, slamming the pool into the shed and deck as well as snarling and growling. I woke up PoPo Pop to go out there and shoo them out of the yard. I was worried that if one of them was injured and couldn't get over the fence that it would die back there and give me a scare when I came across it in the spring. Dead birds are icky enough to come across in the yard so I can imagine that a cat would be way worse. Speaking of dead carcasses makes me think of the dead bird we found last summer while we were gardening. Snofie named him toast.

This evening we met the McAleas at Skyline for kids night. Ciera wasn't there this evening and things just weren't the same without her there. Then for some reason, afterward I got an awful stomach ache. I must have felt really bad because Snofie talked me into letting her stay up a half hour past her bed time.

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