Saturday, January 13, 2007

More Frogs...

Last night was "The Frog Prince" and tonight was "A Year With Frog & Toad" at the Phoenix Theatre. PoPo Pop went with us. I had as much fun watching him watch the play as I did watching the play. It actually was more of a musical and Toad was the actor we saw in "A Christmas Story". Frog and Toad sang lots of songs. Our favorite, that we sang all the way home, was: "Toad Looks Funny in a Bathing Suit". We also had fun exploring the Riffe Center building. PoPo Pop and i had never been inside. We looked out over to the State House where the new Governor, Ted Strickland was inaugurated today. I have trouble saying that word. Snofie thought this was quite funny and we started talking about all the words we have trouble pronouncing. I thought I should make a list of words Snofie says funny to remember them when we're old:

Bathing Suit: Babbin Suit

Bikini: Two Tops

Kiddy Pool: Kidney Pool

Light Blue: Yite Bue

Bob Evans: Beeb Eevins

Hospital: Hostibul

On the way home we bought a cheesecake to eat while we watched "Cops" in the big bed all together and Snofie said: "I'm going to get my H word bear when we get home." "Cops" wasn't on, stupid sports was on so we watched an Animal Planet show about the two Giant Pandas at the National Zoo in Washington DC. The zoo got Tien Tien and Mei Xiang on loan from China for ten years after Ling Ling and Shing Shing died. We decided that we must take Snofie to Washington DC within the next few years because when I was young we went to see Ling Ling and Shing Shing so Snofie must see the pandas like I did. I love taking her to all the places I went.

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