Monday, January 29, 2007

Snofie and I took a bubble bath this evening.
Snofie: I am having Jana problems. One day she says she wants to be my friend and she's nice to me and then the next day she says she doesn't want to be my friend and she's not nice to me.
Me: Sounds like it isn't much fun to have a friend like that.
Snofie: I don't like it when I am talking to someone and she comes over and says that I am lying. It hurts my feelings and she is the one who lies anyway. Today she asked me what year I was born. I said 1998 and she told everyone I was lying.
Me: What do you do when stuff like this happens?
Snofie: I ignore her.
Me: Maybe you shouldn't "ignore" her because it might hurt her feelings... instead try to just be polite to her. That is what you would want, right?
Snofie: Look at the bubbles, I made them into a mountain.

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