Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Screaming Sean

After work I picked up PoPo Pop on my way to pick up Snofie up from school. (Today was her first day back from winter break.) Before pick-up we went by Wal Mart. I am still having "day planner" issues. I think that I have finally found the perfect one. It's pink and has:
  • Monthly views
  • Weekly Views
  • A notes section as part of the weekly view
  • Lots of address pages

So, we picked Snofie and Tara up, dropped Tara and a pizza coupon off at her house, and picked Tim up. (Tim and PoPo Pop were going to pick up the new living room chair.) Only I dropped off the wrong pizza coupon to Kelly so we had to circle back and drop off the correct one. The guys went and picked up the chair and it fit perfectly in the back of my Element. Snofie finished her homework and then Kelly brought the kids over for pizza and to check out the new chair.

Right now we are really into PaPa Murphy's pizza. It's the take & bake kind. For $20.00 we got:

  • A large cheese pizza
  • A medium Mediterranean de-lite pizza (chicken, garlic, spinach, sun dried tomatoes and feta cheese)
  • A medium cheese pizza
  • And a dessert cinnamon pizza

The Mediterranean pizza, which only kelly and I ate) was amazing. I ate three pieces when normally I only eat one.

Sean was trying to get the last of the frosting for the cinnamon pizza out of it's container when PoPo Pop came along and licked the spoon he was holding. We all thought it was funny but Sean did not.He started screaming and screamed until they all left about a half hour later. He was so mad at PoPo Pop for STEALING his frosting. Then he shifted his anger to his mother for ALWAYS STEALING FROM HIM and NEVER LISTENING TO HIM. It was so hard not to giggle. After they left PoPo Pop was leaning on the arm of the couch and said, "why is this wet? Gross!" I laughed because it was where Sean had had his face buried when he was screaming.

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