Tuesday, January 2, 2007

A simple, normal, lovely life...

I keep thinking about the most hysterically funny conversation I had with my mother-in-law on New Year's Eve. It went like this:

Rose: Guess who I met today?

Me: George Clooney?

Rose: No, but really close, Jason _______ (She said his last name but I can't remember it.)

Me: Oh. (I was trying to sound like I knew who she was talking about even though I had no


Rose: I drove MaryLee past the Extreme Makeover house. (Oh, that's who she's talking about. I don't get though how Jason Whateverhisnameis is "really close" to George Clooney.)

Me: So, how did you meet him?

Rose: We were coming home from church and we went down Hamilton Rd. and we turned left on Langley and then we turned left on Lizzie Lane and (oh my god, get to the point) as we were going around the block Jason was out in his yard and we stopped the car and I got out of the car and I said, "excuse me sir but could i ask you a question, my daughter made you a scrap book and I was wondering if you got it?" (etc. etc. and yes, that really is one long sentence.)

I listened to her ramble on for a little while and then decided to change the subject which made things even funnier:

Me: I didn't know you went to church?

Rose: We used to go all the time when the kids were little up until PoPo Pop started convulsing during the service one Sunday.

Oh my god, did she just say convulsing? I couldn't say anything for fear I would bust out laughing and I didn't want to offend her like I did over the Jesus nightlights. One day we were at the dollar store where they had this bin of Jesus nightlights. I couldn't resist making fun of them and I must have offended Rose because she got upset. She still has the Jesus nightlight she got that day proudly displayed in her living room.

Anyway, back to PoPo Pop convulsing in church... Oh, my side hurts from laughing so hard. I don't consider myself a very religious / go to church kind of person but I do frequently find myself thanking God for my simple, normal, lovely life.

PS: I looked on line for a picture of a Jesus Nightlight and I swear, the above picture is the freakin exact Jesus Nightlight she has!

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