Friday, January 12, 2007

Everyone at work annoyed me today. Nothing really specific other than their usual behavior. It's funny how some days people's normal behavior can just drive you absolutely crazy.

OK, now on to the fun stuff. After work I picked up Po Po Pop on my way to pick up Snofie from school. While we waited for her we sat in the car and did crossword puzzles together. After school we all went for an early dinner at the new Mexican restaurant, Las Margaritas. It was really good and we were all really hungry.

This evening Snofie and I went to see "The Frog Prince" at the Columbus Children's Theatre. It was really good. Our seats were in the front row of the center section. We were so close you could have reached out and touched the actors. We decided to park in front of Cup-O-Joe as we were going there for coffee after the play. We found a parking spot right in front at a meter. I checked the meter to see how long we had. By the time we walked the few blocks to the theater I realized that my math was off. The meter had a 2 hour limit. We parked at 6:30pm. the play started at 7:30pm and lasts 2 hours. We were bound to get a ticket so we walked back and decided to valet park instead so we'd have all night. Cup-O-Joe was really fun. I taught Snofie how to read the personal ads in The Other paper and make fun of them. We laughed and laughed over some of them. Then we read our horoscopes and the movie reviews. Snofie wants to see "Freedom Writers" and was quite disappointed to see it got a bad review. I want to see "The Painted Veil" with Edward Norton. It looks really good and I love Edward Norton. We had vanilla lattes and afterward walked around the Short North for a little while. We mostly looked in windows as all that was opened were bars. We didn't even mind that it was raining a little.

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Walker Evans said...

Yay for the Short North! ;)