Saturday, December 23, 2006

An All Girl Band

Snofie has stopped puking but is quite tired. She woke up long enough to open her present from my parents: a guitar. Snofie was so excited! She's going to have an all girl band. She will be the guitar player and lead singer. Tara will be the drums and backup vocals and Ann will be on the keyboards. Danny and Sean will be roadies, PoPo Pop will be security and Tim will be in charge of transportation logistics. Oh no, PoPo Pop's eyes lit up, "now Tim and I have a reason to buy a bus off of gov deals". is this site they love where you can find all kinds of crap, crap like, old file cabinets from the 1950's and old city buses. My parents left and PoPo Pop went to work. Snofie and I watched "Flight Plan" with Jodie Foster.

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