Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Out To Eat

So, last night we went to the new Mexican place with Gute & Sandy for Po Po Pop's Birthday. We had the best time. Even though Gute & Sandy only moved a few days ago and about a mile away it feels like much longer and much farther. Gute tried the green hot sauce that is really really hot so of course Po Po Pop tried it too. That was quite amusing. Our waitress looked and sounded exactly like Rachael Ray. Gute and Po Po Pop kept calling her Rachael. The guys let her in on their nick names for each other so every time she came by the table she called Gute Handsome Devil and she called Po Po Pop, Butter Bean. They crack me up! After dinner we went next door to Cool Cravings for some ice cream. I hope Po Po Pop had as wonderful a time on his Birthday as I did.

When we got home it was time for Snofie to go to bed. Po Po Pop and I watched the movie, "World Trade Center". It came out on DVD Tuesday the 12th at 12:00am. Po Po Pop was all excited because he had ventured out to Wal Mart at midnight. Remember, I thought he had gone out the other night. He said right at midnight a stock boy came out with the box of DVD's. Po Po Pop got the first one. The stock boy handed him the first one out of the box. I can just imagine him standing there waiting like a kid at Christmas. And, I am so thankful that it's the little things that make us happy, Po Po Pop, a movie and Snofie, a tiny little pebble. It's a good life!

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