Saturday, December 16, 2006


I love family time like this! Snofie was in the big bed with PoPo Pop reading "The Night Before Christmas" to him. There were some other pictures of them reading that I wanted to post but couldn't because of PoPo Pop's tee shirt. See, this past summer Snofie and I went to a festival. It was in a very small town in the Hocking Hills. I thought it would be quaint with an artistic bent. It was not. Every hillbilly and his cousin turned wife was there. Everyone had lawn chairs lining several blocks as though there would be a parade. We were there over an hour and there was no parade. It was fascinating people watching but a little unnerving without PoPo Pop there. He would have gotten such a kick out of it and I decided to commemorate our outing by purchasing him a tee shirt. The shirt I chose has a rebel flag and says : Get 'R Done. This is his night shirt and we laugh about it. It is also what he wears to get out of answering the door when we have ordered a pizza for dinner: "I can't answer the door in this!" he says. So, there I am taking all these adorable father / daughter pictures and all of a sudden I realized... THE SHIRT!

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