Sunday, December 17, 2006


It snowed in Webkinz world. Snofie got her first Webkinz, a monkey she named CooCoo, for her Birthday from Tara. If you don't know what a Webkinz is, it's the coolest stuffed animal that you can play with online. Go to for a tour. You have to take care of you animal, buy it food and bed for it to sleep in. If your pet gets sick there is a clinic. And you can do jobs or play games to earn money to buy thing for your pet int he Webkinz store. Snofie has PoPo Pop and me earning her money, hey, she's no dummy... she figured out pretty quickly that her dad and I can earn her money by playing the games pretty quickly. I like Cash Cow the best because I can watch TV and play at the same time. Anyway, Snofie logged on to Webkinz and said that it had snowed. She dressed Coo Coo in his Santa suite and put him in his pool in the snow. I question her parenting skills. Ok, gotta go now, I'm having the urge to play Cash Cow...

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