Thursday, December 21, 2006

Holiday Party at Snofie's School

I left work early to go to Snofie's party. I love her school and how involved the parents are in their children's education and activities. I mention this because when I arrived the parking lot was full and cars were parked way out in the grass toward the road. The party was lovely. Teacher gave each child a book which they are holding up in this picture. I met a few mom's I hadn't met before and one dad was there. The children had a really nice time and we all marveled at how quiet and well behaved they all are. Teacher has total control of the class and everyone really listened to what she had to say as well as following her directions. Even when it was free time for them they were not rowdy or disruptive. It was really nice. After the party Snofie and I went to the classroom next door to pick up Tara. Tara's teacher seems quite nice too. She was an elementary school teacher for 16 years in the city where PoPo Pop is a police officer. And, I'd bet money her students there were not as well behaved as her students here, nor were the parents as involved. That's sad to me because it is not the kid's fault. But I end this post totally thankful to live in such an awesome community.

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