Monday, December 11, 2006

The Real Chip

Snofie found the real Chip! Yeah! Chip is a pebble that Snofie found on the playground at school. She drew a face on it and named it Chip. She loved that little pebble and took it everywhere. One day a couple of weeks ago she came home in tears because she lost Chip! I was on the phone with Kelly and our conversation went something like this:
Me: Snofie lost Chip.
Kelly: She had Chip a while ago when she was at our house.
I'll ask Tara to look for him.
Me: No, that's Chip's Dad. She found him on the playground today.
Kelly: That's why she wanted to use my sharpies...she drew a face on Chip's Dad.
I thought that was Chip.
Me: She was so excited because Chip was going to get to meet his Dad.
Both of us: Oh my god, we are talking about pebbles!
Anyway, she found Chip underneath her bed and is overjoyed... literally, overjoyed. I've never seen her so excited. I wonder where Chip's Dad is? I'm not bringing him up to her though!

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