Friday, December 8, 2006


Today is Dad's 75th birthday. Mom is throwing him a surprise party and I can't wait to call and see how it went. I hope he was surprised. I talked to mom this morning. She was making his cheesecake and listening to Joe Cocker on her new Bose CD player. I didn't know she liked Joe Cocker.

While Snofie and I were sipping coffee and reviewing spelling words Friend called and asked if she could have a ride to school. This morning it was 11 degrees out. Snofie looked adorable. She had on her big down parka, a hat with her hood over top and a scarf wrapped around the whole thing making her look like that little boy in the movie "A Christmas Story" who's mom gets him so bundled in his snow suit that when he falls over he can't get up. Anyway, we pick up Friend who has on only a coat... no hat, no scarf, no gloves. She's a crazy kid. Snofie told her that her hat messes her hair up but she doesn't care because she's warm. I think, "yeah kid!" When I was younger I NEVER wore a hat because I refused to mess up my hair and because I looked dorky. (in the hat not just in general.) I must not care too much about looking dorky now because I had on my ultra heavy weight, super thick, floor length down coat. I waddle in it. When I ran back to the car after dropping the girls off I had broken into a sweat in that coat. If anyone had hit me with their car I would have bounced right off.

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