Friday, December 22, 2006

Yeah, my parents came to Ohio to visit today! They arrived a little after 2pm. After they got here we went to the furniture store to get our Christmas present. They are replacing the chair that Decker the Cat peed in and ruined. We were going to turn out of the neighborhood and go left but, oh my god, the traffic was backed up as far as the eye could see. Thus we were forced to go right even thought that is the long way. Going right means you hit a whole bunch of traffic lights and being 3 days before Christmas we had to sit through most of the lights 3 or 4 times. As we passed The Honeybaked Ham Store we couldn't believe the line. There were at least 100 people in that line and they had a police officer outside the door. Oh my god! We get to go pick up the chair on January 3rd, yeah, bye bye pee pee chair.

We had a pot roast for dinner and then Snofie played air hockey with BaBa. BaBa is Snofie's name for her grandfather. When she was about 9 months old my parents were visiting. Since Dad is hard of hearing Mom would say his name loudly and twice something like this, "BOB BOB". Snofie would try to copy her and it came out BaBa and it stuck.

Gretchen came by. They had just gotten the last of their possessions moved out of their house. She was all dirty because she'd been digging in the front yard for her St. Joseph's statue but she couldn't find it. I almost cried, not about the St. Joseph but about Gretchen leaving. I will miss them being across the street. They have been good neighbors.

Mom went to bed around 9pm. Dad, Snofie and I stayed up and watched TV. When I was done doing stuff around the house I joined Dad in the middle of the movie and asked what was going on. First I must explain, growing up in our house you don't talk about certain things, sex, body parts, sickness or bodily functions. The movie was about a guy who had been acquitted of rape charges and was now on the loose raping people associated with the case. Oh, it was so uncomfortable when Dad tried to explain with out using certain words... oh so uncomfortable. Then Snofie got sick. She barfed up all the roast and kept throwing up. I called the doctor and asked if I could give her an anti nausea medicine I had. He said fine. Then it was just uncomfortable all the way around because the medicine is in suppository form. Poor Snofie. Poor Dad. Poor me.

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