Friday, December 8, 2006

The Surprise Party

I called Dad who had the greatest time at his party. He said he found out yesterday because his secretary forgot to put "surprise" on the invitations. But, he only found out about it last night when they were at a charity ball and someone said, "I'll see you tomorrow at your party!" At least Mom was not within ear shot of that one.

Mom had given him an old man cane... it was all decked out with a horn, magnifying glass and little fold down stool. He was hysterical because he dropped the phone in all his excitement of beeping his horn for me. He was also thrilled with the 3 golf clubs his best friend gave him.

Then I spoke to Mom... and oh no... she is all pissed off at Secretary. She is mad because after the festivities were over people were thanking Secretary. Mom was offended even though the party was at Dad's office and Mom had requested that everyone RSVP to Secretary... So, what did she expect people to think. She told me she said something to Secretary... and that something was, "Do you think you were responsible for the party? It was my party and I find it rude that you took the credit." Oh my god! Poor Secretary. I will have to email her on Monday and tell her how nice Dad though everything was and how appreciative he was of all she did. I really did hear him say that although it was difficult over the beeping horn.

Why does Mom have to be so abrasive? I didn't dare say a word in Secretary's defense because she would have been mad at me for a long time. She is still mad at Aunt for voting for "the Republican" in the recent elections. She asked Aunt why she would vote for him and Aunt said because she could not in good conscious vote for a pro-choice canidate. Mom told her that was a stupid reason. At the time I stood up for Aunt... at least Aunt has principles even if they aren't the same as ours. Then I asked her why she wasn't mad at me for voting for "the Republican" and she said because I didn't vote for him for stupid reasons. She's impossible I tell you!

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