Sunday, December 10, 2006

Last night Kelly's kids came over while she and Tim did some Christmas shopping. Despite the fact that my house is too small for 4 kids we had a lovely time. I love Kelly's kids. They are so well behaved and I don't feel like I have to watch them all the time, I trust them. Snofie and Tara played in her room, Danny played on the computer and poor Sean had no one to play with. He had brought a tote bag over with some stuffed dogs and he sort of wandered around with the bag on his shoulder. I convinced the girls to let him play with them. I told them that he would probably get bored in a few minutes and find something else to do. The girls thought this meant that in a few minutes I would come over and tell Sean to leave them alone. Poor little guy. He looked so cute too, he had on a little plaid button down shirt and a pair of khakis. And, I love Danny now. He used to tattle on the girls all the time but now that he is in 5th grade he is such a nice kid. He leaves the girls alone now. Danny used to think I babied him but I think he's over that now because he talks to me now. Snofie didn't want the boys in her room and freaked out when they touched her Littlest Pet Shop village that she has set up on a book shelf. Sometimes I get so mad at Snofie because she doesn't share. I suppose that's because she's an only child. I didn't like to share either when I was little. Anyway, it was a nice evening.

This morning, Sunday, I am sitting here writing this (or as Snofie said, I am typing) and I am looking out the window. The new neighbors are moving in across the street. They appear to be normal...whatever that means. It's kind of exciting to watch but at the same time I miss Gute & Sandy.

As you can see I have given up not using people's names. But I still am going to us Snofie because 1. I call her that a lot and 2. because I like that name.

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