Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve Traditions

We went to Wal Mart today. You might say were must have been crazy to go there on a day like today but we decided we wanted an adventure as well as needing a few things. It wasn't that bad.
PoPo Pop always works on Christmas Eve so Snofie and I go on a walk together. We love looking at the lights, the cold night air and then that cozy feeling when you arrive back home.
We baked cookies for Santa. Snofie was concerned that we did not have enough apples for all the reindeer. I told her that one was good because other kids give the reindeer only one apple and Santa collects them until he has enough to give each one an apple, then he starts all over again.
Snofie is putting her story on the computer, "The Midnight House". We worked on our writing together while watching "A Christmas Story". Then it was bed time for Snofie, the one night of the year she does not give me a hard time about going to bed.
When PoPo Pop came home we wrapped presents and watched the yule log on TV, you know, the logs burning on the fire. And it was more me, watching PoPo Pop wrap presents. I got mine done in about 2 minutes because I believe in gift bags and PoPo Pop does not.

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