Friday, December 8, 2006


I was cleaning up, putting dishes away and checking on Snofie when I walked by the front window. I looked out an saw that G & S's garage door was still open (it's after 11pm) and now I feel sad. They are moving, the closing on the house was today. They are moving into an apartment until their new condo is completed. They were the very first to move into our neighborhood and G was quickly deemed "The Mayor". Recently though he underwent a name change to "Handsome Devil". That was PoPo Pop's doing after being called Butter Bean by G. They would stand in their respective yards and yell each other's nick names across the street. And then there was S always out doing yard work in her nite gown. I will greatly miss them! Since G is retiring and S has problems with her knees a condo will be much easier for them without the maintenance and all. Several of us in the neighborhood offered to pitch in and take care of their yard if they would stay. When that didn't work PoPo Pop said he was going to sit out in the front yard naked with a rifle every time they had a showing on their house. For some reason we never knew about any of the showings until after the fact. I know we will definitely keep in touch with them and I am thankful for such amazing friends in our lives.

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