Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Midnight House

Snofie is writing a book called "The Midnight House". It is about a girl who lives next door to a spooky house that eats her. Inside she finds all kinds of body parts, all of them except a heart. She then goes on a quest to find the house a heart. I took her story to work today. Everyone loved it. Cary had it last, she brought it back to me and it looked like she was ready to cry. She had spilled her cup of coffee on it. She felt awful. She said it was the first thing she grabbed when the coffee spilled, she left all her work papers in favor of cleaning off Snofie's story. I told her not to worry about it but she still felt really bad. After school I told Snofie what had happened and she said, "that's ok, you can still read it and now it smells good." She's the greatest kid ever. I called Cary who was so happy to hear that Snofie wasn't upset. She said she hopes I will bring it in again and she promised she wouldn't spill anything on it.

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