Friday, December 8, 2006

Pick Up

Pick up from school this afternoon was amusing.

In from of the building there is a typical horseshoe shaped parking lot area. There are 2 rows of parking spaces in the middle and room to drive around, in one way and out the other. There is an area marked off along the sidewalk and marked "Pick Up & Drop Off" and then there is the "drive through" area. The last item of note is a light pole at the head of the parking area and across from the drop off area. On this pole is a sign that says "No Parking Here".

You have to get there quite early to get a spot in the pick up lane. I always try to get one of these spots because you don't have to get out of your car. So, this afternoon I pull up and there is a woman sitting in the middle of the drive through lane and she's all angled funny. She wasn't coming in or out of a spot or anything, she was just sitting there like that. Finally when the handicapped bus came along she moved.

Pick up was hectic today because of the cold. No one wanted to get out of their cars. Today Friend was coming home with us so I had to get out of the car to get them settled in the back seat. I have an orange Honda Element with those back doors that are really only half a door and open the opposite way. I love my car except for those darn doors. When someone gets in the passanger side and into the back seat they are only able to close the back half door but not the front door... which, if opened all the way is nearly impossible to reach across from the driver's side to close.

So, on the way to our house Snofie takes out Mr. B. Mr. B is a very old blankie that has elephants on it and goes literally everywhere with Snofie. She told us she is taking Mr. B to the prom as her date. Snofie asks Friend where Big Bird was. Big Bird is Friend's version of Mr. B. Friend says that she doesn't take him to school anymore because her mom told her that if there was ever a real fire at school Friend would not have time to get him out of her back pack and he would be gone forever. At first I thought slightly evil thoughts about Friend's mom for telling her such a horrible thing but then I began to see the beauty of it all. What a good way to get Mr. B to stay home from school. I suggested this to Snofie but she said she'd take her chances.

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