Thursday, December 28, 2006

Lynn quit today. Not Lynn the office manager but Lynn the sales rep. Yesterday was her last day. She didn't say anything to anyone and then we all got an email about it today. I wonder why she quit?

Last night Snofie and I took over the big bed and watched Lifetime. There was a movie on at 9pm that we watched called "Last Exit". It was so good, at least the part of it I stayed awake for. I asked Snofie what happened and she said she fell asleep as well. Snofie is just the best company. We fell asleep holding hands.

Boy was I tired today. I can't imagine why since I was asleep last night before 10pm.

After work yesterday I went to half price day at the thrift store. You know how they put the price tags on with staples, well, I cut my knee open won one of those staples while trying on a pair of jeans. It bled and the blood dried and made my skirt stick to the cut. Gross. I'll probably get gang green and have to have my leg amputated.

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