Saturday, December 16, 2006

Do Nothing Day

I love days like these. Mom called in the morning. i talked to her for a really long time. Then I took a really long nap. Around 4pm I called and talked to mom again for a really long time. I was about6pm before I got off the couch.

Pepper, Mom's dog, has to have the tarter scrapped off her back teeth at the vet. I guess they have to put them under to clean their teeth. Mom said it's going to cost $575! Oh my god!

Snofie and I watched "The Parent Trap", the 1989 version. I think we've watched that movie at least 25 times but we never get tired of it.

Then this evening we had a beauty night. I just got a foot bath. I gave Snofie a foot massage with coffee & cocoa foot scrub and foot cream. She smelled so good I could have just eaten her all up. Then she gave me a beauty-washing. A beauty-washing is when I take a bath. I sit with my back facing out toward Snofie and she give me a massage with all these tools she has. She has a basket full of sponges, brushes and massagers. She is quite good at it. It was a lovely day.

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