Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year's Eve

This morning we all went grocery shopping before PoPo Pop went to work. Family grocery shopping is always fun. PoPo Pop gets annoyed when I walk away with the shopping cart in the middle of an asile and I get annoyed when PoPo Pop follows to close with the cart. (I have the scars on my heels to prove it!)

Then we picked up Tara for a half sleepover. We do half sleepovers, until 11pm or so, instead of whole sleepovers because the girls are always so cranky the next morning. Anyway, the girls were so cut playing in Snofie's room with their American Girl dolls. They had all their outfits and accessories laid out and were doing their doll's hair. We had brownies for dinner and then the girls played veterinarian. While the girls played I spent several hours working on my novel. I realized I hadn't worked on it much with the holidays. I can't wait to get back to our regular routine. When PoPo Pop got home we all watched the ball drop and then we took Tara home. It was kind of cool in a way, our first drive of the new year.

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