Saturday, December 30, 2006

There was a "Law & Order Criminal Intent" marathon on today. I stayed on the couch most of the day with a headache. I'm sure part of the problem was the fact that I was sleeping on the couch but, it's fun to do sometimes. I switched between "Law & Order" and the news.They executed Saddam Hussein this morning and former President Ford's body was flown from his home in California to Washington, D.C. Snofie went over to Tara's house for a few hours and then Tara came over while Kelly and Tim ran errands. I felt so bad because Snofie got a really sudden really bad headache and she lay down and fell asleep. Tara played Webkinz while she slept. I suppose Tara had fun getting to use the computer alone without her brothers bothering her. When Snofie woke up the girls had hot chocolate and ice cream.

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