Thursday, December 21, 2006

A Holiday Outing

After school Snofie, Tara and I went to the Franklin Park Conservatory. They currently have a new Chihuly exhibit and the annual poinsettia tree. The girls had so much fun. Tara was cute, she heard the parrots talking and said she thought it was other people yelling. i told her they were the parrots. She didn't believe me until we rounded the corner and there they were. She was rally surprised to see them and then they squawked really loud. All 3 of us just about jumped out of our skin. When we were finished looking around we went to the gift shop. On the way to the conservatory the girls had been in the back seat discussing all the fun you can have in the snow. Snofie says that Daddy told her it was not supposed to snow this Christmas day. The girls were quite disappointed over this. Tara recalled that last year she had made her brother eat snow and then she sighs and says, "those were good times". Anyway, I see these packets of "snow", real snow. You add water, mix and voila, snow. So I decided to get each of the girls their own snow to make on Christmas day. While I was up at the register getting their surprise, Tara sees these little glass animals and asks if she can get one. I said no. Then I decided that I would get them each one to add to the surprise. I asked the girls which one they would choose if they could get one. they picked out their favorite and the girl rang them up too. We left and on the way to the car I give the girls their surprises. Tara was thrilled. Snofie started to cry. "What's the matter?" I asked. "I didn't want this glass animal, I wanted another one!" Oh my god, I almost strangled her right there in the parking lot. I told her that when someone gives you a gift out of the goodness of their heart that it is really really rude to cry about it, it hurts the gift givers feelings! Tara told her, "if it will make you feel better we can switch animals." Tara is always the peace maker. Finally Snofie realized she was being an ass and she apologized.

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Lesley said...

Kate The Great,
I just received your card and must say I am very impressed with your musings. I was reminded of the time we went to see the same exhibit at the Columbus art museum when Sam was so small. I hope you are well and that Madeline and I will see you very soon.