Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas is coming...

I made peppermint mocha's this morning. Basically that's a candy cane melted in a cup of coffee. It is so good.

Snofie didn't go to school today. I think she was faking but since it is the week before Christmas I don't think she'll miss much. I told her she had to stay in bed all day and her TV had to be on really low. Maybe she did feel somewhat yucky because she did not fight me on this and she slept most of the day.

At work we had our Monday Morning Meeting and I presented the re-cap of Travel Guy's year. It was amazing, he was on the road 49 out of 52 weeks. The other amazing part was that Boss didn't want Travel Guy to see the re-cap. Why? It's not like he can't figure it out on his own, after all, he was the one traveling it! So, after the meeting I had to collect all the copies of the re-cap from all the Sales People and shred them.

America's Funniest Home Videos should have been at Computer Guy's house. I was on the phone with him doing some sort of email re-configuration thing and I asked him how he was enjoying his Wii and he said he sliced his finger open. What? Playing a video game? He said he caught his hand in the ceiling fan while pitching on the baseball game. That is hysterical, I laughed all day over that one.

Yesterday, day 10, they found one of the 3 climbers lost on Mt. Hood and he was dead. Then today, day 1, they are continuing the search for the other 2. I can't imagine being lost and that cold. I can't stop thinking about those 2 missing men and hoping that they will be found safe.

After work I finished my Christmas shopping. I went to the post office, they were out of Christmas stamps so I got Hanukkah ones instead. Then I went to the health food store to get Mom some Emu oil and then to Circuit City to look for a CD for Dad. I had to ask where the classical music section was after roaming the aisles for a while. The clerk said, "over there" as she gestured to a rack. There I found the section between the "Mexicana" and "Gospel" sections. The classical section was about 20 CD's total where as the other 2 aforementioned sections were row after row. What is wrong with people! I left and went to Target. I skipped the classical as Target didn't have any either. Instead I got Dad a Diana Krall CD and a Frank Sinatra CD. Snofie mentioned the other day that she wanted a fox stuffed animal. I looked everywhere but could not find any foxes. Lastly I stopped at PaPa Murphy's for a pizza and also got their cinnamon bread. Oh my god, it was so so so good.

They say you learn something new everyday. Today I learned that beavers can hold their breath for 45 minutes. It made me remember when Mom and I used to go to Tift Farm, hike back in the woods and sit on the river bank, waiting for the beavers to return to their dam. Sometimes we would see one and sometimes we wouldn't but we always had a nice time.

Mom sent a giant envelope of newspaper clippings today, Buffalo News and NY Times. Among note was an article, actually some guy's obituary, that said he used Alka-Seltzer to relieve migraine pain. I will have to try this. (And, I have no idea why migraine remedies were in this man's obituary nor why Mom was reading the obituary of some man she did not know.)

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