Saturday, December 9, 2006

A Lovely Saturday Morning

Snofie had Basketball pictures this morning. All the teams were there but we were the first ones there from Snofie's team. This made Snofie nervous, no clue why, but it did. The rest of the team arrived and everything was fine. Then comes tome for their individual pictures and Snofie freaks out and says she doesn't want to do it. Oh my god! I told her she had two choices: do it or don't do it. She whined and cried for a few minutes and then Coach decides to do the team picture. Snofie says she doesn't want to do this picture either. I said, "fine, then let's go home." Snofie didn't want to go home either. "SNOFIE, WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO THEN?" And Snofie says, "I don't know?" Finally we get her to be part of the group picture. There is Coach wiping Snofie's tears with her sleeve and Photographer Dude fixing her hair. I knew she was probably freaking out over people touching her but I couldn't watch because I was afraid I'd laugh. Snofie HATES it when people laugh at her. When they were done with the team picture we talked Snofie into doing the individual picture. At first she wouldn't smile but somehow they got her to laugh.

I get so mad and frustrated with Snofie when she acts like this. She is 8 years old and in 2nd grade. She should be over all this by now but she's not. It's like she gets so anxious she can't get any words out. You can see the fear on her face but I just don't understand it. And, she won't talk about it. I feel bad for her at the same time I'm feeling frustrated with her. Poor Snofie.

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jau said...

Welcome to blogging! And you're right about your name - it's great, Kate!