Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Going on a fox hunt...

Snofie wants a stuffed fox for Christmas. Sound simple doesn't it. Well, it wasn't! I made a list of things I needed at Target: 1) Gift Card for Teacher 2) (for PoPo Pop) Socks 3) A Fox. The list made me giggle. Target didn't have a fox and neither did, Hallmark, Wallgreens, Wal Mart or the Dollar Tree. Po Po Pop called me at work today and said he had been on a fox hunt also and no fox was to be found. I told him I would go by the thrift store after work. We made up code names for ourselves. He's Father Fox and I am Foxy Fox. So, I go to the thrift store. I find a pair of jeans and some chapter books for Snofie. Then I dig through all the bins of stuffed animals they have. It was icky and I kept imagining all the germs and god know what else I was touching. Sadly, there was no fox in those bins. I felt defeated, stupid sly fox. But then, I looked up. There, surrounding the entire store was a ledge filled all the way around with stuffed animals. I began to walk around the store with my head tilted back hoping for a fox. I saw: raccoons, bears, cats, dogs, a manatee, rabbits, snakes, iguanas, and then lo an behold, tucked behind a bear was a tiny little fox. I almost killed myself trying to get him down off the ledge. Victory, a 30 cent fox! I hope she still wants one!

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